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Anxiety is like a storm in your brain.  It shows up in different forms for different people.  It can manifest as the stress of being pulled in too many different directions.  It may be debilitating panic attacks.  It can be indecision and uncertainty about your future – career, relationship, where to live, what you’re doing with your life, etc.  Anxiety about death and the pressure to live life to the fullest now….but fear of making the wrong choice.


Recovering from a painful relationship or break-up?  Sometimes we can lose ourselves in a relationship.  Especially when you don’t feel fully accepted and so you make many tiny (and not-so-tiny) adjustments to your personality and reactions until you’re not sure who you are anymore.  Sometimes you don’t realize this has taken place until after the break-up, and you feel fragmented and confused about what’s actually important to you. 


Feeling lost or stuck in your career or unsure of what you want to do with your life? Life is too short to spend 40+ hours per week at a job that crushes your soul.  And yet, many of us were taught by our families and society that nobody really loves their job, and to be a mature adult means you have to grow up and suck it up.  However, I believe you can have it all.  You can create a career that fuels your passion and awakens your soul.


I once heard trauma defined as an event or life circumstance that shattered a person's current worldview.  It's a robbery of innocence and a belief that the world is safe and ultimately has your best interest in mind.  It can feel debilitating to function in the world the way you used to, and it may feel like no one really understands what you're going through.  You don't have to be alone in this, and you don't have to live with suffering anymore.

Pretty much everyone falls into one of three main categories of attachment styles that reflect their tendencies toward anxiety, avoidance, or security within a romantic relationship.  Not surprisingly, the three categories are Anxious, Avoidant, and Secure Attachment Styles.  Knowing what style you and your partner have can help tremendously in understanding the patterns you may feel stuck in and offer a clear road map to communicating more effectively and getting your needs met. 


Empowering girls to develop assertiveness skills, self-acceptance and compassion, and identity-building is my true passion.  Can you imagine how different your life might have felt if you had someone to talk to that wasn’t your parent or teacher, that gave you their undivided attention with non-judgment and compassion, and whose goal was to help you navigate all the moods and challenges that adolescence presents?  What a gift that would be for your daughter!

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