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Relationship Recovery

Recovering from a painful relationship or break-up?  Sometimes we can lose ourselves in a relationship.  Especially when you don’t feel fully accepted and so you make many tiny (and not-so-tiny) adjustments to your personality and reactions until you’re not sure who you are anymore.  Sometimes you don’t realize this has taken place until after the break-up, and you feel fragmented and confused about what’s actually important to you.  It can be a time filled with intense grief over the relationship, fear of the unknown of the future, and confusion about what you want.  Your confidence can take a severe hit as well after relationships in which your self-esteem has been chipped away gradually over time. 


All of this adds up to many overwhelming feelings that can be difficult to manage or navigate without some guidance and help.  That’s where I come in.  I love working with men and women seeking direction as they transition out of a painful relationship and empower them as they discover who they are now and what they want out of life. 


We will look at old patterns you may notice you fall into again and again.  We will explore why that keeps happening, ways to break those patterns, and work on substituting healthier ways of getting what you need.  We will explore what’s really important to you and how you can consciously, intentionally fill up your life with activities, people, and an environment that feeds your soul.  Together, we will pick up the pieces of your heart and prepare you for a happier, healthier life.

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