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Group Counseling

Meeting with a group of individuals undergoing similar difficulties can be incredibly healing and validating.  We learn so much from hearing other people’s experiences and ways they have helped themselves.  We also learn about ourselves as we interact with and support our peers. 

I have developed a group for teen girls to provide a supportive environment where members will learn how to boost self-confidence, strengthen interpersonal relationships, and cope more effectively with daily stressors as they navigate through the upcoming challenges and changes that adolescence presents.  For more information on this group, please see the Surviving Middle School Group below.


I have also created a group for adult women to help them understand their own attachment styles and the attachment styles of their partners.  Follow this link to take a quiz to see what attachment style you have.  If you align with the Anxious Attachment style and are a woman ages 21+, check out the Anxious Attachment Group information below.

Surviving Middle School Group for Girls ages 12-14. 


In this group, we will explore issues such as perfectionism, body image, mean girls, gossip, and what it means to be a young woman in today’s society.  Using experiential mindfulness and self-compassion exercises, we will learn how to regulate our emotions and manage stress in healthy, mature ways. 


Girls groups nurture and reinforce femaleness as a positive identity with inherent strengths to support healthy self-expression.

Anxious Attachment Style Group for Women ages 21+.

Ladies, have you ever noticed when your partner seems to be pulling away from you or isn’t being as responsive as they usually are, you totally freak out and have the urge to call, text, email, facebook message, and snap chat them 1,000 times until they respond?  If so, you’re not crazy!  Seriously!  You may have an Anxious Attachment Style that shows up and takes over your otherwise very rational, mature brain when the safety of your relationship is threatened.  If this sounds like you, take this quiz to make sure.  If you do in fact align with the qualities of Anxious Attachment, and you feel ready learn more about yourself while supporting and empowering like-minded women, this group is for you.

This group will be part psycho-educational about attachment styles and their role in relationships and part process group to share your stories and support others as you all process your experiences in relationships, how your attachment style has interfered with getting what you need in a relationship, and explore together how you can seek partners that are a healthier match for you, while breaking unhealthy patterns.

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