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Adolescent Girls

Empowering girls to develop assertiveness skills, self-acceptance, and identity-building is my true passion.  Can you imagine how different your life might have felt if you had someone to talk to that wasn’t your parent or teacher, that gave you their undivided attention with non-judgment and compassion, and whose goal was to help you navigate all the moods and challenges that adolescence presents?  What a gift that would be for your daughter!

Although teens are experiencing many of the same issues you and I dealt with as kids, as you know, technology and social media have added new layers to the drama of growing up.  In my work with adolescent girls, I use interactive, experiential exercises in addition to talk-therapy to relate with them and keep them engaged in the process. 

I work with parents and the teens to create a treatment plan with specific, tangible goals unique to your daughter and your family.  We may cover topics such as perfectionism, procrastination, self-harming behaviors, anxiety, depression, guys, girls, friends, identity, school, body image, and becoming proud to be authentically themselves. 

In addition to individual counseling, I offer a group counseling opportunity for teenage girls ages 12-14 to help explore the uniquely difficult and often painful Middle School experience.  It is so healing and validating for them to hear other girls are going through similar issues.  The girls experience comradery and empowerment as they work together to understand themselves, each other, and to find solutions as a group.  Click here for more information.

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