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Stephanie Trueblood, MA, LPC
I feel eternally grateful for the honor it is to sit with people willing to share their fears, traumas, and road-blocks with me.  A mentor of mine commented once on what an odd way this is to make a living, and it really is.  I get paid to hold a safe and comfortable space for clients to feel all of their feelings.  Together, we explore the best avenues of healing, effective goal setting, and the elimination of barriers between them and the life they truly desire.  It is a humbling, fulfilling privilege to witness clients’ journeys of heartbreak and triumph as they dare to believe they can heal, change, and grow.
On some level, I always knew I would do something in the field of psychology.  As a small child, I found other children to be rather loud and annoying.  Not that I was a total snob or anything...I just found sitting at the grown-up table, listening to adult conversations and observing their behaviors to be far more interesting.  I've always had a keen curiosity for what makes people tick.  In college at Texas State University, I quickly changed from a Business major (yikes with all the math!) and transferred into Psychology.  After graduation, I decided to work in the corporate world to take a little break from school and experience the joys and struggles of young adulthood responsibility and financial independence.  What a journey that was!  That time provided immense motivation to go back to school at St. Edwards University to do what I was really interested in, and the means to support myself while going to grad school at night.  Working in a corporation also gave me invaluable experience and the perspective to empathize with clients’ career aspirations and the frustrations that often accompany them.  I’ve earned the cred to offer encouraging words such as, “If I could work full-time and go to school for my dream career, you can too!”
During my time at St. Edwards, I gained experience doing home-based counseling with clients of all walks of life.  I would travel to their homes and work with children, teens, hetero- and homo-sexual couples, families, and adult individuals struggling with poverty, unemployment, parenting issues, cancer, grief, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, pregnancy, trauma, and autism.  After graduation, I completed my internship hours working at three group practices in the Austin area.  I treated a variety of clientele at each practice and gained useful experience and mentorship from some of the best counseling practitioners in Austin.
I remain very committed to continuing my training and education to help clients get relief from suffering.  Some of the most effective methods employed in my practice are Gottman Couples Counseling, EMDR, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Internal Family Systems.  Having a wide base of knowledge and tools helps me to individualize treatment for each unique client that walks into the office and provide the best care possible.
When I’m not busy treating clients or learning about more ways to help them, I’m usually hanging out with my husband and cats, singing terrible karaoke with friends, dancing to Beyonce’, and watching New Girl, Friends, and other silly sit-coms that make me laugh.  I’m a big believer in self-care, and we can explore ways of incorporating the things that bring joy into your life too!
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